"The Double Take" Recruitment Video Package

Double Take Recruitment Videos

Our top seller - we use our Active Motion Tracking Identifiers where we use an arrow or a circle to motion track and follow a player throughout the highlight to show where you are at all times without having to stop the video.

THE BIG DIFFERENCE between this package and the Streamlined package, is in the Streamlined package, all you do is upload your games and we will find the highlights for you. In The Double Take package, you provide typed time marks where all of your highlights occur in each game.



3D Informative Title

Advanced Video Stabilization

Audio Leveling

Clean Video Transitions

Uncopyrighted Background Music - Chosen by the client at checkout

Highest Quality Edit

Efficient 2-4 Minute Video

Unlimited Short Video Clip Uploads (30 Seconds or less)

+ Unlimited Full Game Uploads with client provided time marks

+ Pixel Enhanced Crop/Zoom (zooming in without losing any quality)

+ Best Clips Advanced SloMo (super smooth slow motion)

+ Active Player Tracking (Motion Tracking an arrow or circle around athlete)

+ 24/7 personal contact to ask any recruiting questions throughout your whole recruitment process

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