About Us


My name is Connor Hountalas and I am the Founder of Double Take. We are a video editing company that creates Professional, Coach Oriented Athletic Recruitment Videos. 

As a former Division 1 Athlete, I know the soccer industry very well. In soccer alone, there are 2.3 million athletes in the United States fighting to get a roster spot at the next level. 

The process to work for that spot is time-consuming, stressful, and expensive, with parents spending an average of $13,000 a year to support the goals of their athlete.

Going through the process myself, I learned that the key to success is a highly impactful recruitment video. It has become critical to your recruitment, and it's why I'm here.

Double Take has simplified and streamlined the athletic recruiting process by redefining how recruitment video should look. Double Take creates the most value-driven recruitment video on the market by drastically reducing the time, stress, and money required to be recruited.

We know our product works. 82% of our athletes were successful in attaining a roster spot, compared to the national average of just 3%. 

Stand Out. Get Noticed. Double Take.