Our Double Take Partners

Clubs, Trainers and Programs that believe in us as much as we believe in them

Kime Performance PT

Kime Human Performance Institute seeks to research, educate, transform, and implement world class sport medicine physical therapy along the entire continuum injury to the highest level of human performance.

- "Double Take provides a missing link for young athletes that are seeking to take their craft to the next level.  They are striving to better all young athletes path, and that aim is admirable and well needed."


The Recruiting Coaches

The Recruiting Coaches is an organization of former College Baseball Coaches who work with families by providing hands on guidance and custom advice through the recruiting process.  We empower your family with the tools you need to successfully navigate the college recruiting process.

- "Double Take is solving a problem that many families are facing in the recruiting process. They have many video clips on their phones and footage from games, but don't know how to package it all up for coaches. Double Take is making that process as easy and efficient as possible for players to get their best recruiting video in front of college coaches."


Baseball Recruiting Events

Baseball Recruiting Events is a free database of college baseball camps and showcases.  The only free resource for finding college baseball camps.  Find your next event here. 

- "Video is vital to the recruiting process, and the service that Double Take is providing is the best service we have seen. The quality of their videos and their eye for what is necessary in a recruiting video is second to none."