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Double Take Recruitment Video Directions

Any Questions – Call (916) 803-8820 or email

Go through all your own film and note in each game that you send us where the highlights are. Ex: "Game 1:
08:30 - 08:42
12:43 - 12:52" and so on. You can send us links, YouTube videos, files on your computer, or anything, we’ll make it work.

Go to and add a recruitment video to your cart, Checkout and pay.

After payment is approved, you will be able to upload all of your footage


Athletic Info i.e. team, number, position, height, weight

Academic Info Graduation Year, GPA, SAT or ACT (if taken already, if not, just leave blank)

3 Pictures for title 2 Head shot images 1 action shot

Music - click link to be directed to uncopyrighted music options, we will choose for you if no opinion

Videos / Games Drag and Drop your game files into the designated location OR copy and paste YouTube links into designated location

Highlight Time Marks Copy and Paste in designated location OR Upload word document

That's it!

Upload Interface

This is what the upload page will look like after purchase